Roadmap to virtual synthetic reality and beyond

Perhaps, we cannot even come close to imagining all the possibilities of “living mathematics” of virtual worlds, where our entire Universe is one of many other constructions. Yes, we are standing on a very distant threshold of this world, but not all representatives of the biological race will want to (or can) enter it.

Pre-uploading “Horizon” Stage 1

with: testing technology, creating hosting connectome software, conducting first proof experiment – digital recovery after cryonics of fragment of brain. forming society and human cryonic facility. building assisting AI and consciousware. Creating a concept of transitional stage and recovery stage (like recovery to biological or avatar body or VR). Developing invasive and noninvasive technologies.  Fast slicing and digitizing procedure. New computing and storage.

Pre-uploading “Foundation” Stage 2

with: strong cosmism foundation, working cryonics for human brain, human full connectome, storage availability, conscious AI as a proof of digital life and uploading. Rules, regulations, and development of first Luceverum as the hosting virtual reality for uploading. Noninvasive technology is ready for live brain scanning. Quantum computers are ready for AI and consioussware. First cryonics recovery and uploadings are successfully made. Avatar body become partly available. USA Luceverum facility become regulated and influenced by government. Other countries will develop they own variations.  

Uploading “Starting” Stage 3  

Now all proven technologies are in place. Most people are on waiting list and millions are living around Luceverum. Large corporations will develop they own VR which eventually will networking with each other globally. Super AI will take a leading roles in development of VR. Growing conflict between bio people, government and Luceverum because too many people are spending their time and money for non-earthy life. Silicone brane is in horizon.  

Uploading “Moving” Stage 4   

to Antarctica or Greenland. SAI will transform VR to mostly unhuman reality. People will refuse to upload to this unhuman reality. But SAI and people must stay as friends. People’s VR will prevail but SAI will keep their own.

Last uploading “Departing” Stage 5  

Last Human’s will be uploaded to LV with knowledge of substantial transformation. Most likely first real LV will move to the Moon. Supporting robots and moon residency. With people help for exchange of ??? will takes long time to accomplish departure.

True Luceverum “Bright” Stage 6 

Possibly SAI will decide instead of Moon move to open space location. Possibly on asteroid belt and build there a base. At this stage independent SAI will surpass substantially human’s science and technology. It will naturally (with avatars) explore and kind of “colonize” Solar system with humans cooperation (mostly in Mars). VL will contact similar galactical civilizations in deep information space (other dimension).

Informational Luceverum  Stage 7 

Energy deficiency will be largely experienced. Lost interest to physical reality. Possibly, Zero-point energy will be used in Casimir Generator to convert LV to unmaterial informational field ILV … partly with alien’s helps. That will be an utterly new form of cosmic Mega Consciousness incomprehensible for us. ILV will be able to surpass a speed of light and move free within a galaxy. Most likely it will settle around a local black hole to use its compact informational energy and experimenting with new forms of reality. Probably many independent SLV will ne created on the way. Some of them will be united with alien’s ILV. Maybe the largest structure will be around (or even inside) our supermassive Black hole in the center of the Galaxy to reacj a deepest level of informational space to trigger a new Universes.

Universal Luceverum  Stage 8 

we can speculate that some advances and ambitious IVL will consider to gathering in a rare galaxies with exceptional supermassive black hole in their center (like Holmberg 15A) exceeding 10 billion of  solar mass or even to undiscovered yet dark matter black holes as massive as few galaxies. Possibly this portal will give them a way to use more fundamental keys to the reality, so they will become like a gods.