Doctrine of super conscious life and its role in evolution of the Cosmos

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The Ancient Greeks describe Cosmos as a beautiful order and a whole which is opposite to fragmented and ugly Chaos. According to the Stoics, Cosmos are located in the infinite void, it is animate, intelligent, spherical and solid. It was born out of fire and eventually will turn back into the fire. Cosmos are ruled by Logos, which is the principle of reason, world-mind, measure, the power of law, word-form and word-number.

Russian Cosmism

Cosmism was originated in Russia more than a hundred years ago. That was an esoteric futuristic philosophical concept about post-humanity, technological immortality, resurrection, and cosmic expansion. Early cosmists proposed the idea of decompaction of the human body, that eventually wouldn’t need an atmosphere and would be powered directly by solar energy. They call it “radiant humanity” – a perfect society of highly moral and super-conscious beings merging and colonizing the whole Universe.

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Modern Cosmism

Modern Cosmism is the development of ideas of classical Russian Cosmism in the context of 21st century technologies and existential philosophy. This is a project of a creating scientific and philosophical doctrine with its own information ontology and evolutional understanding of fundamental principles of reality, time, life, and superintelligence. Modern Cosmism also developing unique concepts in the theory of knowledge, artificial consciousness, technological singularity, and cosmic ethics.

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This is essentially a game-changing and mind-bending shift moving the human race from a carbon-based organic life-form to silicon-based, probably electronic, one. This is the first step towards the creation of a fully-fledged hyper advanced super-being. And, as any other life-form is likely to be hundreds of millions of years more advanced than life on earth, this is expected to be the dominant being in the universe. Certainly, alien super-intelligent life forms are likely to be synthetic.

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Proposal for scientific experiment which should proof that mind uploading it theoretically possible


2015 Modern Cosmism conference materials

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