Collection of Fundamental Questions

I Household Philosophical Questions

The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?
What is Everything, where did it come from and why?
Who are we, where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going?
What is considered primary (chicken or egg)?
How does the world work and what are its foundations?
What should I do?
Is the Universe is dead?
Is happiness possible?
What can we know and is there a limit to knowledge?

II Infinity

Are space and time infinite?
Does actual infinity exist?
Is an infinite division of the continuum possible?
Are there different types of infinity?
How does the finite relate to the infinite?
Can infinity be rolled up in itself?

III Space and time

Why is time relative?
What is the difference between instant, duration, time and eternity?
Is space possible without Time?
What will happen if all matter is removed from space – will space-time itself remain in it?
Is spacetime continuous or discrete?
Why observable dimensions of reality are 3 + 1
Are there additional dimensions of space-time?
What is the ontological status of space?
Is there absolute space?
Is there space inside black holes?

Do the laws of nature change depending on the dimension of space-time?
What are DeSitter and Anti-DeSitter spaces?
Is the physical vacuum the lowest possible energy?
Could a true vacuum destroy the universe?
Is space a scale effect in string theory?
Do the past and the future exist and are they the only possible ones?
Is there a time axis?
Is time multidimensional?
Is existence itself subject to time?
Are the forms of things eternal?
Why is time not reversible?
Does Time exist without things?
Is there a time just the order of the sequences?
Is time a form of inner feeling?
Time as a process of becoming the Absolute?
Is it possible to understand time in the analysis of consciousness?
Can Time be time in a person conscious of its finitude as the integrity of the past, present and future?
Is time the duration of Being or even Being itself?
Can Time be understood as a horizon, infinite in both directions?
Do the past, present and future really exist?
Is it possible to imagine more (or less) than three modes of time?
Does time exist in Chaos or in Nothingness?
Does Time need a thinking (temporary) observer?

IV Universe and Space

How does our Universe work?

What is the Cosmos and how is it different from the Universe or the Multiverse?
What happened before the Big Bang?
Why was the Cosmological Singularity unstable?
What is the origin of matter, energy and space-time?
What is the reason for the cellular structure of the Universe? …
Where is the Universe Heading?
Could other universes influence ours?
Is the use of the anthropic principle justified?
Why is there much more matter than antimatter in the observable universe?
What is the cause of the observed accelerated expansion of the Universe?
How is the holographic principle realized in Black Holes?
Are White Holes Possible?
Does the development of the universe have a purpose?

V Knowledge

How is pure knowledge possible, or how are a priori synthetic judgments possible? (Kant)
Do we know the world to the end?
Is the limit of knowing a thing the limit of the thing itself?
What is the limit of knowledge?
What is knowledge?
What is the difference between knowledge and information?
Is there nothing more than an infinite collection of phenomena (Sartre)?
What is Truth?
What is the criterion of truth?
Can mathematics fully describe this world?
Is absolute knowledge possible?
Is it possible for a concept to coincide with a thing?
Is it possible to create a theory of “Everything”?

VI Dualism

Does the world have an ideal or material beginning?
Are parts reducible to the whole and vice versa?
What is the essence of Yin and Yang?
Where was Descartes right and wrong?

VII Life and Death

What is life?
What is the meaning of our life?
What is the meaning of life as such?
What is the meaning of death?
How did life arise and are there inorganic forms?
Why is the universe so arranged that there is life in it?
Is immortality possible?

VII Alien Civilizations

Is the Fermi paradox paradoxical?
Why are we not observing alien civilizations?
At what level of human development will they consider it necessary to get in touch with us?
Is there a single path for the evolution of intelligent life?
Is it possible to imagine civilizations ahead of us by 10 million years?
Is there a unified super civilization?
Should a super civilization be kind by definition?
If life in Space is a rare and fragile thing, then why don’t we see support from more advanced civilizations?
How likely is it that all advanced civilizations have switched to a non-biological form of life?
Is intelligent life possible in black holes?

VIII Information

What is the usual information?
Information as a program?

VII Artificial Intelligence and Super Intelligence

How to create artificial intelligence?
Can AI love?

VIII Cosmism

Where did human evolution begin and where will it end?
Where is the history of mankind heading?
Will humanity be able to create a single civilization of the solar system?
Does the Cosmos need a man?
Is panspermia real?

IX Culture

What is the ontological status of the ideals, norms and values ​​of culture?
Is culture a creation of the mind and hands of man?
Is the culture of intelligent life forms universal?
Can we imagine a post-human culture?

X Logic and Mathematics

Is the world logical?
Should every event have a cause?
If all my statements are false, including this one, is what I said false or true?
Are there higher orders in logic?
Is it possible in reality to break the cause-and-effect relationship?
Should all mathematically consistent structures physically exist?

Can complex mathematical structures be self-aware?
Do numbers exist?

XI Metaphysics and Ontology

Why is there Something and not, on the contrary, Nothing?
What happened when there was nothing yet?
Does Non-existence exist?
What is the meaning of Being?
What is the essence of Being?
Is the phenomenon of Being possible?
How does thinking relate to Being?
Is there a sense of Being?
Is quality the opposite of quantity?
Is there an existential package?
What really exists?
Are there universal laws?
Is Being divisible into actual and potential?
Is there a limit to the division of matter?
Can the reason for existence (as such) be considered as existing?
Are there essences of things?
How does the ideal affect the material?

XII On philosophy

Can philosophy be considered a science or an art?
What have the philosophers guessed about?
Is philosophy eternal as mathematics?
Will robots be able to philosophize?

XIII Reality

What is reality?
How to define physical reality?
Is there a mathematical reality?

What is Virtual Reality?
How can you prove that you are not in a dream or in the Matrix?
What is Super Reality?
What can be called Hyperreality?
Does not the real exist and does reality have to exist?
If we live in a computer simulation, how will this affect the meaning of life?
Where are the potential worlds?

XIV Freedom and Necessity

Who are we – free beings or complexes of particles and fields complexly arranged in space?
What is freedom and can a person be free?
What are the main limitations of freedom for intelligent beings and the possibility of overcoming them?

XV Consciousness and Brain

Does the activity of consciousness have a given form?
Why are the rules of the game of consciousness not indifferent to things? “(Husserl)
What is Mind?
Is the mind omnipresent?
What is thinking and how is it connected with the brain?
Does the brain produce consciousness?
What is the unconscious?
Is consciousness a cosmic phenomenon?
Is it possible to upload (upload) consciousness?
How is consciousness formed and are there ready-made forms?
Is it possible to create artificial intelligence?
Is it possible to create artificial consciousness?

XVI Society

What social values ​​are most important for human existence?
What are the positive and negative scenarios for the development of mankind?
What is the meaning of the story?
Is it possible to describe a society in the distant future?

XVII Theology and claims against creators

Does God exist?
Why did the perfect God need to create an imperfect world and man?
What is the nature and existence of God?
Does the existence of God coincide with God?
What is God’s will and is the world determined?
If all existence is a necessity, then should God follow this necessity?
Is the freedom of our will possible in God’s will?
Is it possible to know God?
Can Man Become God?
What is faith?
Is evil of divine origin?
If God is omnipotent, can he create a stone that he himself cannot lift?
Is the soul immortal?
Why do we have imperfect DNA?
Why should living things kill and devour each other?

XVIII Physics

What does it all consist of?
Why is everything built exactly as it is and not otherwise?
Are physical constants constant, how many are there and why are they exactly the same?
Is there a fine tuning of the universe?
Why does the observed spacetime have 3 + 1 dimensions, and therefore the laws of physics are as they are?
Is a theory of everything possible (there was already this question)?
Will physics replace metaphysics
Is a Planck black hole (maximon) possible
Is there supersymmetry connecting fermions and bosons (matter and field)
Is the decay of a proton and an electron possible?
Are there any other types of interactions (except for gravity, strong, weak and electromagnetic)
What is the nature of dark matter?
What is dark energy?
Is antigravity or gravitational possible?
Is it possible to transfer information faster than the speed of light?
What is the interpretation of quantum mechanics?
How quantum wave dualism is possible
Are there deviations from the predictions of general relativity for very small or very large scales?
Are there any exceptions to the causality principle (already there)?
Is it possible to use quantum entanglement in a non-quantum world?
What is the divinity of the Higgs boson?
Are quarks divisible and what is the meaning of confinement?
What is the philosophical essence of string theory?
Why hasn’t quantum gravity been developed yet?


Is man the main philosophical problem?
What is the place of man in the Cosmos?
Microcosm and Macrocosm?
What is the ontological dimension of the meaning of human life?
Is Being open to man (Heidegger)?
What defines individuality?
Why do we dream?

XX Evolution

Concept or Evolution?
How does matter produce consciousness?

XI Ethics and Aesthetics

What is the essence of beauty?
What is the beautiful opposite to the ugly?
Is beautiful a condition for existence (is everything beautiful)?
Is there a scale of beauty?
Are moral laws objective or relative?
What are good and evil, and will good be rewarded and evil punished?
What is justice and is it achievable in society?
What makes things and actions good or bad?
Are our laws legal?
What is the meaning of punishment?
What is the meaning of sacrifice?
Will digital ethics be created for AI and robots?
Will AI be able to judge us?
Are human rights universal?
Can wars be just?
Is suicide justified and should society accept voluntary euthanasia?
Should you be afraid of death?
Should you wish for immortality?