In all likelihood, this intelligence will be way more sophisticated than anything humans can understand. Everything about their cognition—how their brains receive and process information, what their goals and incentives are—could be vastly different from our own. They might be in deep space, hovering around a star, or feeding off a black hole’s energy at the center of the galaxy.

Post-humanity refers to a future state or condition in which humans have undergone significant and transformative changes, either through advanced technology, genetic engineering, or other means, to the point where they are no longer recognizably human in their current form. Post-human beings may possess enhanced intellectual, physical, and even emotional capabilities beyond what is currently possible for Homo sapiens.

Key characteristics of post-humanity often include:

  1. Enhanced Intelligence: Post-humans may have vastly superior cognitive abilities, such as enhanced memory, problem-solving skills, and the ability to process information at extraordinary speeds.
  2. Extended Lifespan: They may have the potential for greatly extended lifespans, if not outright immortality, through advanced medical and biological interventions.
  3. Enhanced Physical Abilities: Post-humans could possess augmented physical capabilities, such as increased strength, endurance, or even the ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions.
  4. Integration with Technology: Post-humans may merge with or incorporate advanced technologies into their bodies and minds, blurring the line between human and machine.
  5. Altered Consciousness: Changes to consciousness and subjective experience may lead to new forms of perception, emotion, and consciousness itself.
  6. Post-biological Existence: Some conceptions of post-humanity involve a transition from traditional biological existence to digital or artificial forms of existence, sometimes referred to as “uploading” or “mind uploading.”
  7. Post-Human Ethics: Ethical questions surrounding the rights and responsibilities of post-human entities, as well as their relationships with non-enhanced humans, are central to discussions of post-humanity.

Post-humanity is a complex and speculative concept that has been explored in science fiction, philosophy, and futurism. It raises profound ethical, social, and philosophical questions about identity, morality, and the potential consequences of radical transformation. It remains a subject of ongoing debate and exploration as advances in science and technology continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be human.

Early on

Cosmism suggesting that for our next evolution stage we should develop a light, effulgent, super intelligent and powerful reality located independently in space, which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky foresaw as a home of radiant humanity and modern Cosmism call  Luceverum. This eventually will become a cosmic scale, alive, mega-consciousness construction taking energy directly from a star or even from fabric of space-time itself.

Next move

Uploading is just initial process stimulating by the intriguing today ideas of “life extension”, “back up copy”  of our mind, personality and finally the old dream of achieving immortality. At the certain point Luceverum will gradually depart from human civilization and face its own cosmic destiny. Needless to say that Organic Life Civilization will never reach cosmic scale because it is design to live only on planets with limited energy supply, long training process, reproduction circle etc.