Transhumanism and Evolution of Human Society

If for Transhimanism reaching post-human stage through cognitive enhancement of the human body is a final goal, then for Cosmism it is just a beginning of our real cosmic journey, starting on an “other side of the ocean” where our consciousness will be independent of biological hardware.

Cosmism will “work closely together” with Transhumanism on transition period until consciousness uploading become possible. Then most likely humanity will be divided in two main directions: Earth base genetically improved biological civilization and departing digital society, creating new cosmic reality where the concepts of truth, consciousness, freedom and happiness will be deeply revised.




The future society should reveal and support the meaning of human existence. This is not easy to define because we cannot see (yet) a big cosmic picture with our involvements and we have no statistics about other extraterrestrial civilizations. So, even if the destination of human history is mostly unknown, we can extrapolate into the future the most important  tendency of modern society with eternal value of  consciousness in mind.

Probably there is no ideal society or universal best form of social organization. Because it always contemporary, serving the purpose of current economic, political and cultural situation. Because society is a secondary product of social order which is forming under the influence of many different forces coming from traditions, ideology, religious  individuals, groups, parties and foreign cultures, promoting a true or false values. However, we can define main types like Agrarian, Feudal Industrial and Post-industrial societies.

One of the important question of social philosophy is defining foundation, property and causality of social life. Cosmism suggesting that society emerged as a effective solution for vital tasks requiring a group effort so, it will eventually disappear when those tasks can be accomplish individually and effortless in the mega-conscience reality of Luceverum. However, is long, long way to go. Man is social creature exporting most of his essential qualities from society like consciousness, language, knowledge etc. He is satisfying  most of his needs within society  like communication, companionship, appreciation and love as well as fulfilling his dreams like power, wealth, happiness etc.

So, in the next 100 years, our next main type of social structure should provide more life satisfactions on most effective way which would include substantial life extension, artificial intelligence, artificial love and friendship at your service, genetic improvement, no major illnesses, unlimited synthetic food and housing, new levels of total communications, super-fast global transportation, games and entertainments.  This technology saturated society will be driven probably by mostly art science and technology related game assignments and competition.

The government should be global, open and technocratic with minimum people involve - just supervising super-intelligent super-computers.

However, Cosmism is not trying to justify "super-human culture"

How to get from here to there

The current level of the development of human civilization is similar to individual country development index and it depend of few major key factors:

  • Literacy and Education index

  • Standards of leaving

  • Child welfare

  • Life expectancy

  • GDP per capita

  • Infrastructure

  • Budgetary allocations for science and technology

  • Communication

  • High Tech production

However, those factors in the future would transform to different and radically new factors.

Future Global key factors:

  • Energy production/consumption

  • Non fossil fuel use

  • Robots  participation in manufacturing, services and R&D

  • Body and brain enhancements 

  • Modification of genetic code

  • Electronic Global Governing System

  • Information store and processing

  • Synthetic Food production

  • Distance from Earth human permanent base

Energy per capita

Cosmism is not supporting Kardashev "3 levels energy consuming scale" civilizations because, it is extrapolating  last century criteria of technological development for indefinitely fare future. For example, just only a 100 years ago, coach power can be measure by the number of real horses. You can probably imagine 500 of them pooling a coach but it was inconceivable to imagine all of those horses packed under a hood of some modern cars. Another good example is modern supercomputer, consuming up to 4 megawatts of electricity but barely matching human brain consuming only 25 watt. So, advancement means new way


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