Luceverum is consist of Latin words  luce - light and verum - true reality. Modern Cosmism defines Luceverum as a space based, artificial, mega-conscious and true digital representation (model) of the reality, including itself and all conceivable possible worlds. This new condition of the reality is possible and can be achievable because the profound nature of mind and physical reality is the same. Cosmism crystallize this idea from many different philosophical and scientific concepts/theories starting from Pythagoras, Parmenides, Plato and Plotinus, also adopting some ideas from Hinduism, Cabbala, German Idealism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Russian Cosmism, physics of high energy and modern Cosmology.      Cosmos

Modern Cosmism emphasize that humans (and most likely post-humans) are not designed to live in space and will never adopt high radiation and extreme temperatures of harsh open space. Because it is not our mission. Humanity will always live in a bottom of atmosphere or in a shell of spacecraft. Those tiny comfortable, fragile islands are our natural shelters, our evolutional limits and actually are our imprisonment. We should understand limitations of interstellar travel and colonizing new planets because it is just a new shelters for the same type of organic life. It is similar to colonizing more caves in stone age. It is a dead end for most civilizations because no more substantially new forms can emerge out of organic construction kit limited by the laws of nature.

Cosmism suggesting that for our next evolution stage we should develop a light, effulgent, super intelligent and powerful reality located independently in space, which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky foresaw as a home of radiant humanity and modern Cosmism call  Luceverum. This eventually will become a cosmic scale, alive, mega-consciousness construction taking energy directly from a star or even from fabric of space-time itself.

Luceverum will go through many development stages. Initially first elements will be constructed on Earth in the near future as a attempt to “upload consciousness” and escape from death. The active research on this direction is already started in 2005. Swiss/EU reverse-engendering project "Blue Brain" is aiming to model in supercomputer on molecular level the architecture and functionality of human brain.  European Human Brain Project (HBP) is aims to integrate huge volumes of neuroscience data into unifying models. US BRAIN initiative project has a final goal of mapping the activity of every neuron in the human brain. Private Seattle  based "Allen Institute for Brain Science" is modeling how the brain store information. Combine budget of those projects is probably exceeding  $5B which shows pretty serious intention of labs and supporting them individuals and organizations. Scientists already were able to model a brain of mouse and some areas of human brain as well. So, most likely a fully functional models will be ready by 2025 and first uploading experiments will follow up shortly.

However, Uploading is just initial process stimulating by the intriguing today ideas of "life extension", "back up copy"  of our mind, personality and finally the old dream of achieving immortality. At the certain point Luceverum will gradually depart from human civilization and face its own cosmic destiny. Needless to say that Organic Life Civilization will never reach cosmic scale because it is design to live only on planets with limited energy supply, long training process, reproduction circle etc.

In the very distance future, Luceverum probably can move out of stars systems and extract pure “dark energy” from the vacuum, because energy is strongly connected to free “existential information” available for advanced civilizations which should be united in Luceverum with their contribution. Actually it may already exist and indirectly explains the “eerily silence” of the Universe. Luceverum is natural, safe and final destination for most advance civilizations. Science may describe it as hypothetical Boltzmann Brain which will not pumps out of vacuum as suggested but rather constructed through the evolution of mind.

Long time ago man forebode that in one day he might return to his maker and then discover that he is truly alone. Conquering the soulless, indifferent Nature is a long journey with probably few finalists, but those winners will hold a keys to almost unlimited possibilities.

So, Cosmism believe that at its ultimate stage, Luceverum will become something like network of scalar fields accumulating and creating information about most possible forms of existence. Because the energy will be the product of powerful mind then countless singularities can be design and Big Bangs deploy as a part of the game of existence, as a product of love between Being and Mind.




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