According to ancient Greeks, the Cosmos are ruled by Logos, which is the principle of reason, world-mind, measure, the power of law, word-form and word-number. Neoplatonists, define the cosmos is a life of the world-soul (anima Mundi) and moving under its influence. The Cosmos is a hierarchically ordered: from the highest moving layers of finest ether to fixed and heavy layers of matter.

We are usually (and wrongly) identify Cosmos as the Universe. Our experience of Cosmos may refers to something incomprehensible vast but at the same time unified and well-ordered in a way surprisingly similar to the structure of a man as ancient Greeks believed. Science doesn't thinks this way but some physicists and cosmologist are seriously talking about anthropic principle or fine tuned Universe where observed conditions must allow the observer to exist. In an another words it stated that only those Universes  can exist where the consciousness is possible. Probably, because in order to exist you must be initially "smart" meaning well organize to sustain a total destruction of ubiquitous and engrossing Chaos. Similarly, living organism must be "very smart" (or well-adopted) in order to survive in harsh worlds of gases, minerals and extreme temperature. Respectively, we should be more than smart in order to win the world and overcome our organic nature. Therefore we shall agree that every existential construction kit is coming with consciousness option.

Protagoras said about 2.5 thousand years ago that: "Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not". Hence, Cosmos need a man to measure its proportions, to understand it, build a model and even preserve it in a form of contribution to cosmic Information source code.

Modern science doesn't have a definition for Cosmos. Modern cosmology deals with Universe or even Multiverse, ignoring important assumption that Essence of Being, is limited only by itself, and therefore needed a structure to exist in a form of the Mega-Cosmos which we should recognize as a single emanation of Being.

Uniqueness is a property belong to  the Being only. Everything else must be plural. Including Cosmoses and their structure, consisting oceans of diverse Multiverses, which contains a countless number of Universes. However, not infinite number. Because with an infinity can deal (again) only the Being, represented in many different ways by many different Cosmoses. Like myriad lightnings, exploding and disappearing on infinite dark sky where our Cosmos is flashing among others and absorb its "existential source code" from the Being. Like an organic matter is receiving DNA code and thus, organized itself into a life forms.

We cannot observe the Cosmos through telescope or even detect it like a black hole or dark matter. However, eventually we may be able to "calculate" the Cosmos and obtain its source code. Perhaps, after understanding a structure of the reality and meaning of Being. That will bring us to the condition of Conscious Singularity which is basically equal of the God in terms of creation power.




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