Review of modern cosmology within attempt to bring consciousness to the equation 


Now, let's try to be more specific. Modern cosmology believe that about 13.78 billion years ago at the "time zero" was a point of Singularity with (probably) infinite mass, density and temperature. Actually with same accuracy we can say that there was no mass, dens, temperature, energy or even space and time because at "time zero" was no such properties of the existence. They appeared much later. We have no physics to describe this condition of so call Plank epoch which ended when the Universe was 10-43 second old. However this was the most important "time of creation" when space-time continuum itself was formed. We can speculate that this moment was turning point from infinite(?) potentiality to more or less particular reality where we exist now. This moment was lying not in time as we know it but in "local" cosmic Singular duration which can be translated to our time as a unknown gazillions of years. I mean there was plenty of time for vibration "to win" or calculate all critical parameters of our upcoming and truly amazing Universe.

All four known fundamental forces was unified at that time. Cosmism suggesting that in Plank epoch, there were many other unified forces which shrink or disappear later like fore example hiding dimensions  according to the String Theory. At the end of this epoch, gravity was separated from other forces and next era was started.

We should mention that in the end of Plank epoch the temperature of the Universe was probably 1032 K  with its diameter about 10-33mm. There was domination of quantum gravity, strings and perhaps some other exotic objects. There were no particles or radiation, but "very special" empty space filled with scalar field. The second period of Universe's evolution call Grand Unification Epoch. It was lasting 10-43- 10-36 second, with ending energy 1015 GeV, density about 1074 g/sm3 and temperature more than 1027 K. There were no physical properties such as mass or charge at that time. At the end of this epoch, strong and electroweak  forces were separated thus starting more understandable Electroweak Epoch 10-36 - 10-32 second ABB (after big bang). Cosmologists believed that when the temperature drop down to the point when heavy hypothetical X- and Y-bosons (supposedly controlling interactions between quarks and leptons), were created but then quickly decayed with violation of conservation of baryon number. That creating small, but important asymmetry between mater and antimatter which can explain (after annihilation) why is our Universe contain only matter. This possibly triggered era of cosmic inflation happened at about the same time. However, there were no elementary particles yet.

Inflation makes our Universe as we observe it today - flat, homogeneous and isotropic. Inflation determines its size, physical properties, constants and subsequent evolution of our Universe. Cosmologists believe that hypothetical scalar field with quantized particle "inflaton" (similar to Higgs Boson) is responsible for inflation. According to A. Guth initially Universe was trapped in false vacuum with higher-energy state but after quantum fluctuation it drop to lowest-energy (but not zero) state with release of bubbles of true vacuum. However, A. Linde in his Chaotic inflation model (eternal) suggesting that any high energy fluctuation of scalar field (with quadratic potential energy density) will trigger inflation. When the field reaches its minimum energy, then inflation stop, field begin to oscillate near the minimum and lose its energy by producing pears of all existed today particles and radiation which will eventually form forces, matter, antimatter and dark matter. Universe become hot again. Frozen quantum fluctuation during inflation will shape the galaxies and define vacuum's energy density, physics and overall structure of our Universe which is actually is a part of mach larger structure - Multiverse, because quantum fluctuation is eternal process happening in curvature of space-time foam at anytime and anywhere.

Cosmism suggesting that "we see" only random quantum fluctuation of scalar fields because of our limited "perception" of other reality hiding beyond quantum mechanic. For example, imaging that your TV screen consists of only 100 pixels and receiver is disturbing image when you looking on TV, also that your screen is a tiny part of gigantic cosmic screen. So, from your point of view, the few big pixels on your screen will flash chaotically (random) because as a observer you are disturbing receiver and because you can not see a big picture playing on cosmic screen. There is only one solution - we need different kind of screen and receiver where we can see true "genetic" code of existence.


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