Review of modern cosmology within attempt to bring consciousness to the equation.


The modern cosmology is generally suggesting than in the Beginning was the Singularity. It exploded in a way which cosmologists call Big Bang and that was an official birth of our Universe. It inflated almost instantly from infinitely small point to the size of tennis ball (approximately). When the Universe continue to expend in superluminal speed it cooled out so fast that its "normal" quantum fluctuations was frozen and led to the structure of the young Universe. Then forces and matter are came along  afterward forming stars and galaxies. Now we can say that our Universe is flat and currently expanding with acceleration. After about a googol (10100) of years the Universe is most likely will be totally disintegrated and dissolve into the Nothing. However, there is a possibility that somehow Dark Energy will decline in the distance future thus, gravity will prevail and turn  the Universe to contraction stage back to Singularity. According to another theory, inflation is never-ending process continue indefinitely in some "remote areas" triggered by false vacuum. However, most scientists would admit that we don't know what was before Big Bang, what really mean Singularity, how it exist, why it become unstable and most important - how it delivered perfect proportions into existence  where life and consciousness become possible. Those fundamental  questions science gladly (shyly) passing to philosophy or even religion.        read more




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