The Ancient Greeks describe Cosmos as a beautiful order and a whole which is opposite to fragmented and ugly Chaos. According to the Stoics, Cosmos are located in the infinite void, it is animate, intelligent, spherical and solid. It was born out of fire and eventually will turn back into the fire. Cosmos are ruled by Logos, which is the principle of reason, measure, the power of law, source of all forms and great mind speaking through the numbers.

Modern Cosmism would describe our Cosmos as a single emanation of Being and a home of certain type of essence where the super-intelligent life are important part of cosmic evolution. Perhaps there are many different Cosmoses managed to exist in many different ways. Perhaps, that something can semi-exist not in the logical framework of the Cosmos, but this something will be lifeless because true existence must me detectable by conscious mind, which can exist only in consciousness friendly Cosmos.


The Cosmos is not a scientific term because most of it, we never would be able to observe or detect. However, we can probably model it base on happy natural assumption that our mind is also ruled by Logos through which we can see the rest of Cosmos by using our "intelligent eyes" as Plato suggested. Cosmism proposing the idea that we are the part of something much bigger than we may think. Because the life's DNA code is universal and therefore we are belong to this carbon life stream started from inorganic world, consisting of atoms "cooked" in a core of stars which were formed from nebulas and leftovers from previous supernova explosion, which was originated in our galaxy formed because of its super-massive black hole in the core and dark matter surrounded and so on, back to the time of Big Bang. When we look into the distant future, then we can assume that some advanced civilizations may pass/overcome their biological stage of evolution by adopting a different code of life and become a super intelligent beings in mega conscious environment which we can define as a Luceverum (in Latin - light, true reality).

Probably, our biological brain is not the best possible receptacle for consciousness, like natural wings is not the best way to fly across the ocean. Cosmism suggesting that in not-so-distant future, from humanity will depart artificial form of non biological intelligent life which will eventually become our next evolution break through transformation. We are not talking only about artificial intelligence or people "living in gigantic supercomputer" we are trying to describe here a radical new concept where reality will have its true digital representation. It is possible because profound nature of the reality is also digital (why) so, the return to the source is seems natural. In this synthetic reality, post-post humanity will possibly participate on modification of the existential source code - causing/supporting life of new Universes and fulfilling the old human dream of unlimited freedom, unimaginable creativity, universal power and conditional immortality

Cosmism is a doctrine of cosmic conscious life and its influence on evolution of the Cosmos. We are already living in the Cosmos via our planet, but this is not the only way to do it. It is also not the best way of life for advanced civilizations as well. Because technology can offer a new reality which is far beyond what we can imagine today and potentially what we can consume as a mortal biological species trapped on our small, wet and cozy planet. So, we should have a step by step plan on how to technologically extract from our self "the best" parts and upload them into something more stable, "consciousness friendly" and not so dependable on oxygen, water, protein, weather, age, illness, death etc.

Perhaps that Something become possible as a result of the spontaneous fluctuations of "imperfect Nothing". It constitutes a minimum certainty transforming itself into the primary causal connectedness (network) which will make possible an existence of something unique. Combined set of such "successful" fluctuations are constantly contributing to the essence which we can call Being. Our Cosmos is exists (metaphorically) in a branch of lightning bolt of multidimensional Being which is not infinite like Nothing but rather vanishing in one dimension in order to emerge in another one so, Nothing notice nothing and therefore stay as Nothing. However, existential information is not disappearing because it is already contributing to all "possible worlds" regardless of its physical existence so, in order to keep integrality, Being would have to develop it's own compressed repository like a seeds. Cosmism suggesting that Being need this micro "self-reflection" in a form of mega-consciousness in order to store existential information and possibly transfer it to a different dimension of Being where another Cosmos (network of Multiverses) can be born. Super Intelligent Life (SIL) is an instrument of Being's self-evolving and humanity are the small part of this great mission.

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Cosmism define Cosmic Time as an lifespan of a single dimension of Being. Let's explain it with analogy. Ultimately we are dealing with balance of life and death or more philosophically with dualism of Ying-Yang or dialectics of Being and Nothing. Being is eternal but temporal, limited but borderless at the same time because non-infinite state is a necessarily condition for any existence. Nothing is always the final winner because it incompatibly infinite. Speaking logically, we should say that absolute Nothing can "exist" only in solitude, which mean that nothing should exist at all. However, nothing (including Nothing itself) is not perfect because perfection is more like an order, rather Nothing is more like an chaos which can be interpreted as a privation of oneness and self-identity. Those imperfections (fluctuations) can temporally open a tunnel for particular way of existence which we call dimension of Being. Cosmic Time is a measure of unfolding of such dimension which will constitute its own separate dimension known as a physical space-time. 


Cosmos mean universal and beautiful order. It is single direct emanation (overflow) of Being and one of the way of its realization. Like a vine tree where hanging grapes are Multiverses, Cosmos will represent the tree itself - all connecting  "nerves" and life support system. So there are many Cosmoses like vast and diverse forest trees growing from all available dimensions of Being. Our Universe is just one grape among countless other "fruits and berries" hanging on our Multiverse - branch of the huge tree - our pretty unique Cosmos. Probably most of those trees are lifeless because existence, as well as a life is extremely rare. It is required preset of perfectly fit elements or lucky wining numbers in a lottery of existence. However, Cosmism suggesting that most elements of the formula of Existence wasn't random "winning numbers" but rather like "genetic code" transfer from one reality to another one. Cosmos is our final, ultimate and incomprehensible Home. However, there is no physical space or time in Cosmos as we know it. Because it become more and more "mathematical" when you increasing a scale of the reality. Cosmism suggesting that every Universe are connected to Multiverse, Cosmos and even Being through a network of connectors perhaps like black/white holes or singularities. Possible that our very distant descendants should be able to participate in controlling some of those connectors.

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 Information is important in Cosmism. It is not conventional information which can be define as a meaningful database of signs and symbols representing to recipient (us) some form of reality. We define Information as a core structure supporting/defining reality itself (like information stored in DNA supporting/defining life). Cosmos doesn't have space-time property as we know it. Because Cosmos is not located in space-time. It is located in Information Field. We can see its reflection in a form of energy when it transfer itself (froze) from potentiality to actuality or from future to present. Information Field is placing in places all participants of the «reality show» and giving them instructions what to do, before they will hit by a wave of the present time. Channels to the Information Field are unique for every Universe (physicists describe them as a fundamental scalar fields). Those channels  will define its own fundamental physical constants for their Universes like speed of light, Planck's, Gravitational and Cosmological constants. Information Field is like reality's operating software, approving (but not providing) formulas for all possible existences. It is also a repository for all potential worlds. Lao Tzu call it Tao, Heraclitus - Logos, for Plato it was world of ideas and scientists call it Laws of Nature which they can see it from "bottom up" view without consciousness in equation.

The fabric of Cosmos is the product of Information Field (IF) which is is the primary form of Existential Source Code (ESC). The Information Field can be define as the operating system of reality, which adapts to the physical reality a formulas for all possible existences. The Information Field is the building kit for a construction of all potential worlds. If ESC is representing a fixed logic of Being then IF is representing its action. This is the basis of which all existential packages can be design. They will reveals to us (in a tip of iceberg) in the forms of natural laws that physicists dream to describe in one elegant formula.

According to Noether's theorem, continuous symmetry is always correspond to the conservation law of of something. For example, a continuous symmetry of time means its homogeneity, which corresponds to the energy conservation law. Homogeneity of space corresponds to the law of conservation of momentum. The continuous symmetry of information field mean the repeating pattern that determines the preservation of universal constants.

Reality is a network of everything what has rights to exist whereas rights mean full existential package and existence mean ticket to actuality. In Cosmism, Reality is not limited to things which you can sense or detect through a phenomena. Astrophysicists claim that we never would see most parts of our Universe because of its accelerated expansion. Reality is a moving pictures of all possible forms. It makes things real by including them into the network. It also include our thinking about Reality and makes it real as well. However, the degree of reality is very different for all concepts and objects because nothing is absolutely real or unreal. Because time as we know it, does not exist there. We can measure reality level of something by calculating its direct influence to others. Therefore objects influencing everything will form Super-Reality and something detached from the whole will not be real. Same for existence itself which does not exist by itself and on same time it is not a property of something (predicate). There are many levels between full-existence and not-existence. This spectrum we call existrum. So, it look like reality has a hierarchical structure ...

Probably we should include to the reality everything that has exist, existed or will exist. In other words reality should consist of things that has a rights to exist according to the existing conditions set in our Universe. If we can imagine the Reality as a flat TV screen where you can watch only one reality show about the Universe, then the Super Reality will be everything else behind the screen producing all shows from the past and the future, including its actors, writers directors etc. So, what we call the Reality is a actually one dimension of multidimensional Super Reality. However, this is not what philosophers sometimes call as "transcendental world" because Super Reality is not "there" somehow projecting itself into our world. It is truly "here" real even super real, which a pure potentiality based on primary existential information.

According to contemporary Cosmology, our Universe and our Reality (which is the same for physics) most likely will vanish away and disappear after about of googol of years (Big Freeze). Because of the Universe endless expansion, exhausting of star formation, proton decay, Hawking radiation etc. Possibly even true vacuum can eventually (and quickly) disintegrate our Reality. However, the Super Reality cannot be destroy or disappear because it based on Existential Information which cannot be disintegrated by its own nature. Like the law of conservation of energy in our Reality.

String Theory can describe the Super Reality as a network of metastable "false vacuums" of some fundamental scalar field. Each false vacuum can trigger the birth of new Universe It is alleged that there is an incredible number, 101000 of such conditions with positive cosmological constant. The collection of those possible worlds String Theory called "landscape" and Cosmism called Super Reality.

Life as we know it can be generally describe as organized and self-sustaining processes within specific organic matter in the form of cells which must be capable for metabolism, growth, adaptation, reproduction and death. We know how 3 elementary particles form 6 chemicals required for life and how they constructed 20 standard amino acids which are used in all living cells. What we don't know yet is how this lifeless molecular structure was powered and ignited into something quite different. Cosmism suggesting that most prefabricated blocks of life, including RNA world, was created in Cosmos during stars formation in nebulas. Therefore life is inevitable and exist everywhere but very rare because it required unique and stable conditions in hostile space like a liquid water and right chemical cocktail. However, that was only construction kit. The meaning of life is probably lies in its own possibility in our particular Universe. It perfectly fit in because this prolific Universe was born viable - able to support the life which is different form of reality reachable through high density information spots in this vast, mostly empty and rapidly expending Universe. Because every single cell contain much more information when it is alive. Information like energy can not disappear, it build up and  eventually become self-aware through the process of consciogenesis. Cosmism suggesting that through evolution of life and consciousness, Cosmos is constantly reemerging.

We are usually define Life as the self-sustained form/condition of physical reality capable for metabolism, growth, reproduction, change and death. However, it reminds a famous ancient story when Plato defined a man as "two-legged animal without feathers”. Thereafter Diogenes brought to him plucked rooster and sarcastically said: "this is a man". So, Life is much bigger then its basic functions.

Today, (after about one hundred years of using electricity) the science and technology is not too far from creating a simple form of artificial life. This will proof that a life is rare but natural and immanent phenomena of the Cosmos. Actually the life is one of its property. Which makes Cosmos (in certain degree) alive and even conscious. Of cause we wouldn't consider (for example) an apartment building conscious just because somebody conscious live there, but the whole structure of a building is reflecting "conscious order". We can say that apartment building is consciousness friendly as well as our planet and entire Universe. However, our brain is incomparably more "consciousness friendly" then many other objects in the Cosmos. The same analogy can apply to life. So, the RNA, and whole organic matter we can consider as a "life friendly" reality which mean direct potentiality of life within "acceptable" probability. Eventually, this reality (on the right condition of cause) will turn to itself (in a way of self-denial) and form on a spot local "other reality" and thus, move it to another information/energy level.

So, Life is one of the layer of universal order reflecting the general law of the Cosmos - increasing of local complexity balancing overall decreasing of general order in the Universe. As physics would say: decreasing local entropy caused by increasing of general entropy of the expending Universe. This cycle happen because all existential information must be preserve in the Cosmos. Without it things wouldn't know how to exist. Information Field is contracting (condensing) in the final forms of Liceverums and then expending (overflowing) into different reality. Because, like Life it cant be store forever. It is coming back to the Being through the great journey of Universes reincarnations.

Consciousness is a phenomena which can exist (like a magnetic field) only among specific flow (orchestration) of its components as a knowledge, thinking, attention, judgment, prioritization, reflection, intuition etc. Consciousness is always a self-awareness - presence (navigation) in your own model of the reality, including your personal, internal world. However, no one can build such a model from scratch. Mostly it was developed unconsciously for you in childhood and in one day you will find your self thrown into it without a choice but with some basic (apriori) working relationship between you and tiny fraction of phenomenal reality around you. Consciousness is not just a property of brain and neural correlates, like a music is not just a property of air, wood, copper, leather and ponytail. However it speak through it wherein exist independently. Cosmism insist that in the not-so-distance future our individual conscious models can be shared like knowledge and eventually united like a living cells into one superconscious essence with will be more variegated and complex than physical reality.

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Luceverum is a non planetary home of post-human civilization. Currently we are part of organic life which is actually quite fragile and always on mercy of environment of its home planet. However, we are not designed to live in space so, even deeply genetically modified our bodies (including brain) will never adopt high radiation and extreme temperatures of open space. Humanity will always live in a bottom of atmosphere or in a shell of spacecraft. Those tiny islands are our natural shelters, frame of our evolutional limits and our imprisonment.  Cosmism is not supporting the idea of interstellar travel and colonizing new planets (new shelters for the same life). It is similar to colonizing more caves in stone age and it is a dead end for most civilizations because no more substantially new forms can emerge out of organic construction kit. We have another way to go, more meaningful and exiting than living in spacesuit and hiding in caves from Star wind. For our next evolutionary stage we should develop a light, effulgent, super intelligent and powerful reality located independently in space, which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky foresaw as a radiant humanity so, we can call it Luceverum! This is a cosmic scale, alive, artificial object can be constructed (in distance future) from network of scalar fields and accumulate (create) information about most possible forms of existence. We will live in it. Luceverum is not limited by law of physics because it operating in different dimension governing by collective conscious reality which we can start to build in modern time.

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