Black Hole 

A black hole forms when any object reaches a certain critical density, and its gravity causes it to collapse to an almost infinitely small pinpoint. Stellar-mass black holes form when a massive star can no longer produce energy in its core. With the radiation from its nuclear reactions to keep the star "puffed up," gravity causes the core to collapse. The star's outer layers may blast away into space, or they may fall into the black hole to make it heavier. Astronomers aren't certain how supermassive black holes form. They may form from the collapse of large clouds of gas, or from the mergers of many smaller black holes, or a combination of events.

Super Aliens May Already Live Inside Supermassive Black Holes
“Interiors of super massive black holes may be inhabited by advanced civilizations living on planets with the third-kind orbits,” Russian cosmologist Vyacheslav I. Dokuchaev at Moscow’s Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences writes in his paper published in Cornell University’s online journal arXiv.

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