Modern Cosmism Conference

Vlad Bowen


 Modern Cosmism and upcoming Singularities

In search of the truth, science can go back in time to the birth of our Universe and even farther. On the other hand, our mind is always trying to predict the future as far as possible. Even beyond the horizon of our current knowledge, where the most amazing things will happen. Modern Cosmism are developed the radical concept for humanity’s next evolution steps which can be described as a gradual migration to the artificial synthetic reality where the super-intelligent life can flourish and fulfill its mission as an important part of overall cosmic evolution.

Contemporary Cosmism suggest that after achieving of the whole brain emulation and understanding on how the consciousness emerge, people will try to upload their mind and personality into available technology in order to avoid a complete death. This unavoidable process will trigger a flow of  new astounding technologies (some of them we can see today in embryonic stage) producing something which we should no longer call a machine, because it may feel, think and be self aware, but not alive as we know it. We hope, that eventually, humanity will be united and become one Solar System Civilization. Probably, they would be able to genetically improve themselves to a maximum capacity, then merge with technology, creating a new type of post-human culture (of course if they can manage to overcome many existential challenges on its way).

Inevitably, our successful descendants will discover that in the true virtual reality (digital representation of physical reality), uploaded consciousness can merge or connect to the super-intelligence core and many other super structures. Probably, this activity can offer much more fun and exciting development opportunities than a limited framework of semi-biological body. This, located in open space construction can collect and maintain certain type of physical information about the Universe and individual (or collective) consciousnesses, producing astonishing  virtual world which may include multiple presence, artificial sensations, unlimited freedom, creativity, knowledge, mind power, universal awareness etc. Gradually, this stream will create a new, synthetic and effulgent reality (Luceverum) in a separate dimension of the Cosmos with open channel to its existential source code coming directly from the Being. Modern Cosmism believe that very advanced civilizations will be able to utilize this code for self preserving and influence on Cosmic Evolution which are include our Universe and many others.










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