Modern Cosmism Conference

Randal A. Koene


 Whole Brain Emulation and Neuromorphic Technology


Whole Brain Emulation is the natural end result of successive developments in neural prosthesis. The consequences are that the functional details of the human brain will be accessible, achievable, repairable, extendable and extremely adaptable. There are several significant hurdles on the route toward whole brain emulation.

In previous talks, I have generally focused on the need for better neurotechnology to acquire brain data at large scale and high resolution. In the present talk, I will highlight the other end of the roadmap, namely the implementation of a working brain with the data obtained. If you wanted to build a whole brain emulation of just one person today, and you wanted to run that emulation as software in a typical supercomputer cluster at normal speed then the energy requirements would be exorbitant.

Essentially, every whole brain emulation would need its own power plant. That is totally unfeasible and contrasts starkly with the 20-40W consumed by the biological brain. The solution is to step away from the Von Neumann paradigm and to use actual neuromorphic hardware.








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