Welcome to Cosmism! This website is about deep relationship between the Cosmos and the Humanity

Modern Cosmism is the optimistic vision of our distant future, when the post-humanity will join other super-intelligent civilizations living, perhaps in artificial synthetic reality connected to the fabric of space-time, where the digital mind precedes the existence and where the concepts of truth, consciousness, freedom and happiness will be deeply revised.

Cosmism is about the Universe and even Multiverse, where the mega-conscious  life are important part of the cosmic evolution. It's about mind uploading, artificial intelligence, informational dimension, conditional immortality, new Ethics and perpetual joy of creativity. It's about meaning of Life, Humanity, Cosmos and everything else (you're right - the answer is 42)           read more

Space Future Physics

NASA has detected strange signals coming from the gravitational wave source

Ultra thin 'e-skin' turns your hand into an electronic display

Shape-shifting drones could be made from metal-foam hybrid

Space Future Space Explore

New discovery challenges dark matter, stellar acceleration models

'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay Stars strip away the atmosphere of super-earths
Space Explore Physics Physics
A $1.3 billion mission to study gravitational waves in space just passed an official "sanity check" Physicists build engine consisting of one atom Extreme universe recreated in the lab




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